Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Peachy PR for Small Business

We're often asked whether PR is a useful marketing technique for a small business. There is no doubt that PR works significantly better for ANY businesses with an interesting story to tell - exciting new products, unusual industry, 'first ever to' - you get the picture.

That said, there are some simple PR activities that can be done for any business, big or small, to help drive the marketing effort. We've listed them below..

PR Tips for Small Business

· Be your own PR manager – communicate and promote your own good news stories with everyone, all the time.

· Make networking a priority – business is a numbers game and the more contacts you make, the more jobs you’re likely to get.

· Build your media network - get to know at least 3 journalists from your own local, trade and industry media.

· Use your website as a PR tool – add or update your media page, regularly include interesting news and project success stories.

· Keep communicating with customers – emails, newsletters, website are all opportunities to build good ‘pr’ for your business.

· Share your expertise – look for speaking opportunities and attend industry expos.

· Encourage customer referrals – the more happy customers talk about your business, the better!

We hope this tips are helpful for any small business 'peachy keen to incorporate a bit of PR into their marketing mix!


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